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Floral Prints: How much is too much?

11 Sep

A new trend that has been on the rise for a while now, is floral prints on clothes and accessories.  I saw a lot of women sporting the floral print as a top when I studied abroad in London this summer.  The print was usually on a sheer shirt which the ladies tucked into a dress pant, jean or high-waisted skirt.

I really like the flowy look of a floral top matched up with high-waisted skinny jeans.  Try riding boots with the outfit for daytime and heels to take it up a notch for night-time.  If you wear a floral design as a dress, pair it with a skinny belt to give some shape to your silhouette.  I’m not a huge fan of wearing prints on bottom but this months Glamour has an article, “These-Aren’t-Your-Grandma’s Floral Pants” that describes how to rock the new trend.

And don’t forget–always always always flatter your body.  If you don’t think the floral top, pant or dress you try on at a store suits you, do not buy it!  Trust me, it can make you look bigger in places you don’t want to!  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear floral at all, just try to incorporate it into your outfit through a scarf or handbag.

Personally, I always opt for a scarf in new prints I’m not completely in love with–this is for a few reasons:

1.  I try to stick to basics, like a black or white top with a scarf as an accent piece, because it’s usually more flattering on my body.

2.  Scarves are usually cheaper than a shirt or pant, thus if the design turns into a fad, you won’t be too bummed you spent money on it.

3.  You don’t have to fully commit to it.  If you decide you’re not into your look later in the day–just take it off, and stash it in your handbag!

Because of these reasons I’m going to have to say a floral print scarf takes the cake over the print in a shirt/pant/dress.  I think such a bold statement piece should be smaller rather than larger.  In my opinion floral print pants are just too much.

Check out stores like Forever21 and H&M as they have a lot of floral to choose from for decent prices.

Will you try and mix some floral prints into your wardrobe this fall?  (If you already have–what’d you buy and from where?)