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Feathers: DIY vs. Professional

27 Oct

Is it worth getting feather hair extensions professionally placed over doing it yourself?

In my opinion… no way!

Although salons place the feathers for you and take walk-in appointments, it’s just not worth the money to me.  Depending on where you go, and the individual who places the feathers in your hair, you never know how long the extension will stay put.  It could potentially fall out within a week or two which is not reliable enough for the money.  Most credible salons around the Iowa City area charge around $40 for a three-pack of skinny feathers.  This is why doing it yourself is less risky and more worth it.

                                                                  Photo courtesy of Etsy, Inc.

How to DIY:

First, you will need to purchase feathers.  To shop online for feathers you should visit Artwear Miami.  Here you can find both feather extensions and clips.  Feather clips are great if you don’t want to commit to clamping in a bundle of feathers that may last for a month or two.  So, after you purchase your feathers you will need a hair clamp to keep them secured to your hair.  (Clamps come with feather purchases from Artwear Miami.)  The round, aluminum clamp resembles a bead and is lined with silicone to help it stick in your hair. You’ll want to weave your hair and feathers through the bead and fasten everything together using pliers.  The pliers will squish the bead/clamp flat.  This keeps the hair and feathers tight, and this step alone determines how long they will stay put. (i.e. the tighter you fasten the bead the longer everything will stay secure.)

Where to place your feathers:

When placing your feathers you should consider two things: look and comfort.  In order to come up with the perfect placement you need to have a balance between the two.  If you want it on the outside of your hair, I suggest using a clip that you can take in and out daily.  Otherwise, if you use the semi-permanent clamp extension, I advise you to put it underneath your hair, just behind the ear.  This way you can see the extension when your hair is down or up in a pony tail, and your head won’t ache from the metal bead resting between your head and your pillow.

Here is a great tutorial on youtube that walks you through the steps on how to master the art of putting feather hair extensions in yourself!