Nails: Nude vs. Colored

6 Nov

You can’t go wrong with neutral colored nails.  A nice manicured clear or light pink is easy going and pretty.  The good thing about a natural/nude color is they’re not as high maintenance as colored because chipping is not as noticeable.  But this winter rich dark colors are in, and can be played up as an accessory to an outfit.  If you take the time to do your nails the right way–with a base, two layers of color and  a top coat–your nails can look newly polished and chip free for a week and a half or two before any noticeable deterioration.

My favorite brands are essie and OPI.  These are both carried at Trade Secret.   I find these have high quality colors that are less likely to chip and crackle.  Always apply a clear top coat over colors to give it a polished look, and to prevent chipping and staining your nails.  My favorite color from essie’s winter collection is called “size matters” described as, “a blazing hot ruby red”.  And another great color for this time of year is OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark”.  It’s a dark, pretty purple that will go with your darker coats and outfits this season.

But if you’re someone who dances to your own beat you might consider Nicki Minaj’s collection by OPI.  She has six funky colors, including lots of sparkles!

PS- What do you think about men wearing nail polish?  EvolutionMan has put out a line specifically for the guys…click here to learn more.


One Response to “Nails: Nude vs. Colored”

  1. Deb Lehman November 28, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Love this post! This is exactly how I feel, I like my nude nail polish for everyday but LOVE to have bright pretty nails for the holidays to go with my festive clothes! You do such a good job sweetie pie! Love, Mambo

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