Tights vs. Socks

31 Oct

Knee high and over the knee socks are booming back into stock, replacing the traditional tights you may wear with an outfit.  This classic school girl look is actually pretty cute and fun to play up.  You can pair them with anything– heels, flats or boots.   For this time of year, in the midwest, I would pair the socks with penny loafers or tall riding boots. You can buy knee highs/over the knee socks at H&M, TopShop, Target, and mytights.com.  Complete the look with a tan or patterned skirt or sleek black shorts, a tank and cardigan.  I love this look shown in American Apparel (left). 
You also have a lot of options with socks–texture wise.  Wear thick durable knit socks for cold weather, or thin breathable nylons for a bit warmer weather.  Essentially you’ll get the same overall look, but it’s fun to play with texture when appropriate.  Also, there are many different designs and colors on socks, mytights.com has a lot of options so check out their website.  This photo from H&M has a cool spin on the style–wearing both tights and knee high socks.  This model displays thin nylon tights with a pattern, layered under solid black knit knee highs.


One Response to “Tights vs. Socks”

  1. Jolene November 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    I really enjoyed this post about knee high socks and tights. During the fall and winter I always get bored wearing jeans all the time, and when you turn to tights and knee highs you can utilize the dresses you always wear in the spring and summer and turn it a nice outfit for the winter times as well which is nice for your pocketbook and lets you reuse and re-outfit your clothes all throughout the year. I’ve found also that layering both makes a really nice look. I will wear my jean shorts from the summer, with black tights, and then high socks with riding boots. It adds a lot to your outfit in layers that are for your legs when most only layer their top half.

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