Earrings: Studs vs. Statement

17 Oct

A go to earring for me has always been the classic stud. Basic silver/gold ball or diamond studs are so versatile, they are simple enough to wear daytime and sophisticated enough for night wear.  Studs will always be in though, so when a new trend arises its nice to mix up or traditional look.  Two new trends are long feather earrings and wrap around earrings.

The statement feather earring is best worn in just one ear.  To offset the feather wear your hair in a low side ponytail like Jessica Szohr, below. (Photo courtesy of Glamour.com)  Jessica is most famous for her role in Gossip Girl.  Click here to find a similar black feather earring to this one from Hot Topic.

Another fun trend is the wrap around earring–which should be worn with your hair pulled back so you can fully see the design.  There are a lot of crazy designs that wrap around your entire ear, and look like they’d weigh your ears down.  Here’s a simple version of a wrap around earring:

You can find wrap around earrings at earcharms.com and feather earrings at Claire’s, Hot Topic, Macy’s, etc. Let me know if you try any of these looks out!


One Response to “Earrings: Studs vs. Statement”

  1. LuckyLambeau October 18, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    I definitely agree that studs will always be in. I am not much of an earring person and for the longest time had my ears pierced, but never wore earrings, but now studs are the only earring I wear. I try to make bolder statements, but I feel like I look weird. I’m really loving the idea of the wrap around earring though, it’s cute!

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