Jackets: Patagonia vs. The North Face

2 Oct

Patagonia or The North Face? That is the question.

These two brands target the same audiences, attracting the average joe looking for a jacket to the hardcore outdoor enthusiast.  I’m comparing the brands’ most popular fall-winter jackets.  They’re both full zip, fleece jackets worn by men and women.

The North Face: Denali Jacket .

Price: $165

Features: Full zip, mostly fleece with abrasion-resistant fabric overlays shoulders, chest and elbows.  Standard fit, two hand pockets, one chest pocket

Patagonia: Full Zip Re-Tool Jacket .

Price: $139

Features: Full zip, polyester fleece, “feminine” silhouette, two hand pockets, one chest pocket

I’ve always been partial to TNF jacket, as I bought a few in high school.  They’re great and roomy inside, which is good for layering OVER a sweatshirt it.  Now, if you’re looking for a jacket that is contoured a little more to your figure, I would go with the Patagonia, it is a good layering piece but would work best UNDER your main winter coat. It’s just too body skimming to fit anything bulky like a sweatshirt under it.  Also the Patagonia texture is super soft, which is a plus.  So depending on how you want to wear it, as your main coat or as an inside layer, choose accordingly!  But of course, go to a store and try both on before you determine what you want–Active Endeavors downtown Iowa City carries both, so stop by after class.


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